Socio-recreational services

The Olbia Industrial Consortium area is adjoining with the city zone e and its urban expansion space.For this reason its use, destinations and development inclinations cannot prescind from the necessity of its recovery and its purpose with types of activities compatible with the urban growth. vocations

Asilo 1

The Childhood Centre “I Folletti di Kines” is run directly by Cipnes-Gallura with highly qualified staff. The initiative aims to achieve important objectives such as improving the life quality of female workers, a reduction dedication of the time reserarch and to the accompaniment the children to kindergarten and to facilitate the rapid return of mothers from maternity leave. They are operative: the kindergarten, the childhood, cente, the after-school club (including a” DSA space”) and the summer recreational service.  (click on the photo to access the dedicated website)


In the panhandle that works as a hinge between the sea and the city, Cipnes will create a cycle and running track covered by photovoltaic panels designed to zero the impact with the surrounding environment and to produce clean energy. Designed on CIPNES lands, the track will be four meters wide, two meters per lane and will be illuminated at night. 

The aim is to create a work able to provide alternative electricity and at the same time, to create a new public space serving businesses and citizens, which can be used as a leisure area, games and  contemplation of the splendid glimpses on the sea of the Gulf of Olbia starting from the various stops foreseen along the route.

The cycle path project in the industrial zone represents a quite new way to redevelop a valuable space on the naturalistic level but subtracted from the public enjoyment for the choice to plant the industrial activities. In this sense, it will be an opportunity to give back to the community a space between the city and the beaches, inventing – by using the architect landscape Stefan Tischer words - a new linear landscape active.


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