In Gallura 27% less recruitment than in the whole of Sardinia

Aspal and Chamber of Commerce report on the Coronavirus. Olbia reaches 110 thousand inhabitants in summer


The strategic importance of Olbia and Gallura for the economy and employment in Sardinia emerges from two separate studies recently published - one by Aspal, the other by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari - on the effects produced on the island by the Coronavirus.

The Sardinia Aspal, the agency for active labour policies, analysed the decline in recruitment between 2020 and 2019 in the period between 19 February and 5 May. In 2019 there were 70,000 (70,671 to be precise) hires - fixed-term, permanent, apprenticeship, parasubordinate, intermittent. In the same period of 2020 they were almost 42 thousand less.

The most affected sector was tourism and the most penalized area was the north-east of Sardinia. Gallura in 2019 had insured 21% of all recruitment in Sardinia. In particular, the Olbia area - including the municipalities of Santa Teresa, La Maddalena, Palau, Arzachena, Golfo Aranci, Loiri Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro, Budoni - had guaranteed 19.2% of recruitment between 19 February and 5 May. The Tempio zone, 1.9%. In absolute terms, the contracts signed in Olbia had been 13,601.

In second place, on the Island, there was Cagliari with 11,093 contracts. In the same period of 2020, instead, there were almost 42,000 fewer employment contracts all over Sardinia (41,823, to be exact) and of these 10,417 in the Olbia area and the other coastal municipalities of Gallura and 788 in the Tempio district. In Gallura there is a 26.7% drop in contracts in the whole of Sardinia.  Only in the hotel and restaurant sector, 18,000 fewer contracts were signed than in the rest of Sardinia. The Coronavirus impact, therefore, has particularly damaged the Gallura economy but, indirectly, the whole Region: many workers who find a job in the north-east of Sardinia come from all over the island.

The important role of Olbia and Gallura for the Sardinian economy is also highlighted in a report by the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari that analyzes the economic losses caused by the Coronavirus, with the division between suspended and active companies. The study reports - based on Istat data - that the local units suspended in Olbia are 3082 (equal to 54% of the total) and those active 2603 (46%). There are 7541 employees in suspended activities (equal to 425) and 10,427 in active activities (equal to 58%).

A significant figure is the population growth determined by the tourists arrival. The Chamber of Commerce explains that Olbia, which has 60,731 residents, rose to almost 100 thousand in June, over 108 thousand in July, almost 110 thousand in August and almost 100 thousand in September. The Coronavirus effects mainly affect tourism and the Chamber of Commerce quantifies how much these affect the service sector, estimating the decline in turnover from March (month considered for 2/3).

For the companies of Olbia, between March and April the decrease was 61,4 million in turnover (-3,4%); between March and May 104,7 million (-5,95), between March and June 153,1 million (-8,6%), between March and July 205,7 million (-11,5%). There was also a fall in turnover in the industrial sector, according to the analysis of the Chamber of Commerce: -26,3 million (-5,4%) between March and April, -44,8 million (-9,3%) between March and May, -65,5 million (-13,6%) between March and June and 88 million (-18,2%) between March and July. The data on annual production is interesting. The Chamber of Commerce indicates a turnover for services of 1 billion 800 million for Olbia and 480 million for Arzachena and for industry of 482 million for Olbia and 87 million for Arzachena.