Works has started in the streets of Cipnes production area. They’ll last 30 days.

The work area is financed by Sardinian Region

Today work began for the road network in the Cipnes Gallura Olbia production area. The works - which will be carried out in 30 days - involve the scarification and resurfacing of the road pavement on the following streets (as can be seen on the map): Angola street (intervention area 1), Mincio street north section (1), Madagascar street and crossways (intervention area 2), Italy avenue and its roundabouts (3), Europa roundabout and connecting ramps (intervention area 4). The road signage will also be redone, which is now poorly visible.


The operations were financed by the Sardinia Region by Resolution No. 11/09 of March 11, 2020 for a tender-based amount of 706,551.86 (of which 689,592.79 for works subject to a discount and 16,959.79 for safety burdens not subject to auction).

The contract was awarded on 6 May 2020 to the company Vitali spa, which made a 37.6 per cent discount corresponding to the amount of € 447,264.97. Pending further regional funding for the maintenance and safety of the entire road network of the agglomeration , the Cipnes Gallura had been asking for about two years to be able to use cost savings aimed precisely at extraordinary maintenance and safety of the road system, which has been severely degraded due to the heavy traffic of heavy vehicles entering and leaving the ports, causing inconvenience and accidents. The Regional Department of Public Works has positively evaluated the request of Cipnes, which - once obtained the green light - has proceeded to the contract of the urgent works.