The Cipnes PTE will be ready by 2021

Signed the Institutional Agreement.

The technology park will strengthen and innovate the production system

Olbia will have a technology park for companies and new professions, a large open space of innovation, an ecosystem 4.0 for the transformation of the economy. It will be called PTE (European Technology Platform) and will be the first in Sardinia. It was wanted by Cipnes Gallura and its mission will be to strengthen, in addition to Sardinia, Gallura's production system, making it digital, attractive and competitive on international markets. In particular, studies and research will be applied to small and medium enterprises and to the historical sectors of boating, logistics, agri-food, tourism, cork and granite.

Already under construction in Cala Saccaia in Olbia, the PTE has obtained the go-ahead from the Region for the intervention optimization. The President of the Region Christian Solinas has in fact approved the Program Agreement with the Province of Sassari, the municipality of Olbia and the Cipnes which provides funding of 16 million 630 thousand for the completion of the structure. The works will restart soon and will be completed in 2021.

What are and what do the PTE. Conceived by the European Union, the function of the PTE is to technologically innovate the strategic industrial sectors of the member countries. The ETPs bring together institutions, companies and universities to do research and transfer results to companies, helping them to become digital and competitive.

The mission of the PTE of Cipnes. Cipnes Gallura - whose institutional task is the economic and social development of Gallura - with the ETP will work to make the productive and social system in line with the ongoing digital revolution. In particular, on the one hand, the ETP will encourage the birth and consolidation of new entrepreneurial initiatives consistent with the productive vocation of the Gallura and regional territory and, on the other hand, it will act as a "laboratory for employability" of young people with professional profiles characterized by high level skills both managerial and technical-professional.

How PTE will operate. In the context of the institution Zes Sardegna and Gallura headed by Cipnes, the PTE will present itself as a space of programming and innovation. It will be an open and inclusive ecosystem. It will operate by aggregating and integrating the institutional system, the entrepreneurial fabric, the world of finance and the world of innovation and professionalizing higher education, such as Universities and Research Centers.

Where it will be born. The PTE will be built in the production district of Cipnes, near the Cocciani pier, on a 10-hectare lot. In part already under construction, the structure, as regards the first lot, will host the two institutional actions of Cipnes called Insula and Agency of Territorial Development.

Insula. On the floor held of the ETP there will be Insula. Insula, which is the Agrifood and Territorial Marketing division of Cipnes, will create a technical platform for business services with an articulated territorial marketing program called "Insula - Sardinia Quality World". Two strategic objectives. First: Insula will start and consolidate processes of aggregation, qualification, innovation and internationalization of the identity production chains of Sardinia, in particular agrifood, artistic craftsmanship, fashion and design. Second: with a process of regional and local cooperation, it will carry on a territorial marketing action of the (tourist) destination Sardinia, promoting the territorial districts (Unions of Municipalities, LAGs, Mountain Communities, Authentic Villages) and their integration with the tourist system. Insula, globally, will support the development of the system of Sardinian enterprises and promote them in international markets as a territorial, recognizable, rich in elements of uniqueness.

How the Insula space will be articulated. The plan will be organized in thematic areas for the promotion of the different production chains of agrifood (milk chain, wheat chain, meat chain, fish chain, fruit and vegetable chain, wine chain, biodiversity chain), artistic craftsmanship and design. Each thematic area will in turn be divided into various sections. There will be the production sections, with the agrifood "Islands of Flavours" laboratories, and the non-food production sections, with the "Master craftsmen's laboratories". There will be promotional-expositive sections, called ''Market Areas''. There will be the enogastronomic transformation units, in front of the sea, dedicated to the paths of taste, an immersive enogastronomic tour among the islands of thematic catering of Sardinian chain (La Peschetteria, La Griglieria, La Norcineria, La Vineria). There will be a multimedia promotional-disseminating area, called "Piazza degli eventi", dedicated to the multimedia promotion of the single production chains and associated enterprises and to the presentation of the territorial districts.

Agency. On the second floor of the PTE there will be the Agency Invest in Gallura. The Cipnes, through the Division " Business Support and Territorial Development", will have an innovative "institutional structure", the Agency of Territorial Development, already operative and called to create new and better economic conditions for the existing small and medium enterprises and for the new investors who intend to settle in the productive districts of Gallura, starting from that of Olbia del Cipnes, in which there is a strong and qualified presence of companies of the nautical shipbuilding, logistics, tourist industry and the historical industrial districts of cork and granite. The Agency will have four functional activities: Area creation of enterprise, Area development of enterprise, Area innovation of enterprise, Area internationalization of enterprise. The support it will provide to entrepreneurs will concern the phases of pre-investment, settlement, innovative development, production consolidation and access to new markets outside Sardinia.

How the Agency will work. The Agency will be the institutional connecting agent for all the subjects, regional and national, interested in creating a "Sardinia System", such as companies and their associations, makers, Universities, Research Centers, local, regional and national public institutions, governmental development and internationalization agencies. The Agency will operate in two ways. First: as an institutional antenna that intercepts and systematizes the main instances of the territory and the needs of traditional local businesses and new investors. Second: in spaces configured and interconnected to accommodate a "territorial ecosystem", it will provide businesses with a direct and permanent connection with institutional partners: Chambers of Commerce, Sardegna Ricerche, Sfirs, Invitalia, Medio Credito Centrale, Ice, University. In this space, companies will ask questions and find the answers, both technical and financial, to their requests.

Technology Park. The Agency will also promote an incubator and accelerator for start-ups and innovative companies that need solutions, tools and skills that come from outside, starting from universities and research centers. The Technology Park will be the second pavilion of the PTE, with an area of 32 thousand square meters, and will rise in place of the current purifier, which will be relocated. The incubator will be functionally integrated with the Strategic Innovation Pole inspired by the "Open Innovation" model that will be activated and developed in interconnection with the regional innovation ecosystem, in particular with the University and Research (R&D) system. The Strategic Pole, within the ETP, will have laboratory areas for R&D activities and areas for co-working, tutoring and coaching, orientation and assistance to the productive fabric.

Technological pole. In the PTE's third pavilion, on a surface of more than 3 thousand square meters, the Cipnes will realize the Technological Pole of the nautical industry and production chains. Here will be placed the activities of innovation, experimental research applied to industry, incubation and business acceleration for the historical production sectors of Gallura.

UniOlbia and Olbi@inLab. As a research center, the PTE will host some of the academic-didactic and R&D activities of the "Consorzio Polo Universitario di Olbia", called UniOlbia, which will bring added value to the institutional mission of the PTE through its activities of promoting scientific research applied to the production sector and training new managers and technicians able to guide and enhance the results of research and the benefits of innovation in favor of the Gallura production system. Also in the PTE, Olbi@inLab, a project already funded by the Ministry of Education, with areas dedicated to offices and scientific and technological laboratories.

Logistic hub. In the PTE areas, Cipnes - to help small and medium enterprises in the distribution of their goods - will build the Insula logistics center on an area of 1,000 square meters. The logistics hub will be equipped with a technical area for receiving, checking and weighing identity products (incoming and outgoing flows), a storage area, outgoing order preparation aisles and related preparation trolleys and an area dedicated to perishable products (fresh and frozen). A dock will also be built with prefabricated wooden elements.

Expo and Meeting Areas. In an outdoor area of 32 thousand square meters, the Cipnes will locate outdoor exhibition areas of activities and production equipment in the service sector, research and vocational training centers, tertiary settlements, recreational equipment and spaces equipped for gaming and sports of public and private initiative. At the center of the exhibition area, there will be an Auditorium consisting of two floors. The ground floor is dedicated to the service rooms in the foyer of the hall, from which you can access the hall for the public, built on a sloping floor with steps. The speakers will be positioned with their backs to the sea, so that the public can also enjoy the natural view of the water through the windows. The hall has a capacity of about 600 seats, and will be prepared for congresses, screenings, conventions, small events, attached to the activities of the fair, but also for individual occasions being able to manage the entrances independently from the fair activity.