between open and closed companies
In the first half of 2020 growth rate above the national average

The Gallura entrepreneurial liveliness has resisted even in the first six months of 2020, characterized by the lockdown and the slow recovery of productive activities. The balance between registered (595) and cancelled (452) companies is in fact positive: + 143. The growth rate, + 0.65%, is clearly higher than both the regional average (+0.06%), and that of the province of Sassari without the municipalities of Gallura (+0.25%), and the national one, which registers the negative sign (-0.17%). The data are contained in the publication of the Chamber of Commerce of Sassari entitled "Rapporto Imprese Nord Sardegna. First half 2020".

The productive fabric of the northeast - which includes the 26 municipalities of the old province of Olbia-Tempio - therefore shows signs of great resistance and, with its performance, contributes in an extraordinary way to the positive balance between companies born and closed throughout Sardinia. Province of Sassari aside, all the other Chambers of Commerce register fewer companies: the growth rate of Nuoro is negative (-0.01%), like those of Cagliari (-0.10%) and Oristano (-0.34%).

From the point of view of sectors, the Report of the Chamber of Commerce does not distinguish the territories of Sassarese and Gallura but analyzes overall the performance of active companies.In the first half of the year, in Northern Sardinia, the services (+1.8%), tourism (+0.8%), construction (+0.75), agriculture (+0.3%) have increased and trade (-0.8%) and industry (-0.2%) have decreased.

Manufacturing activities are those that have suffered the greatest decline compared to the first half of 2019: -1.2%, going from 9,989 to 9,874. Specifically, the divisions most affected were those of products derived from the manufacture of oil (-25%), the manufacture of computers and electronic products (-14.3%) and electrical equipment (-13.3%). Among the activities of greater weight for North Sardinia, both the food industry (-2.5%) and the wood and cork industry (-4.%) have suffered a decline.

On the other hand, accommodation and catering activities - despite the uncertainty over the 2020 tourist season - increased by 1.4%, from 12,870 to 13,048. Specifically, there was a significant increase in the activities of accommodation and B&B villages (+22%), while restaurants decreased (-0.85).

In the services sector, which recorded an increase in active companies of 1.8%, there was an increase in management and management consulting activities (+15.3%), real estate activities (+45) and - despite the crisis in tourism - travel agencies (+4.6%).