Tourists in Sardinia, -63% of foreigners but +35% of Sardinians

The Region has published data on arrivals in accommodation between January and September 2020


Foreign tourists - 63%, tourists from the rest of Italy - 2%, Sardinian tourists in Sardinia + 35%. These are the data of tourism in Sardinia in the first nine months of 2020 compared to those of 2019, as you can read in the latest report of the Region. The month most affected by the Covid-19 effects, finished the period of the first lockdown (March-May), was June (first month of gradual reopening to tourists): -93% of foreigners, -46% of Italians. The most positive month was August: -55% of foreigners, but even +19% of Italians. Sufficiently positive in July (-69% foreigners and -4% Italians) and very positive, given the context and the increase in infections at the end of August, in September (-54% foreigners but the same number of Italians).

Between January and September in Sardinia, as far as Italy is concerned and in relation to the same months of 2019, fewer tourists arrived from Lazio (-21%), Lombardy (-17%), Emilia Romagna (-14%.) and Piedmont (-10%). Due to the possibility of moving more freely within their own region - and also the need for safety - Sardinians who chose hotels, residences and private accommodation in the island for their vacation increased by 35%. We recall that Sardinians, by number of arrivals in accommodation facilities, are already the first tourists on the island (557 thousand arrivals in 2019) and, by number of presences, the second (1 million 200 thousand nights immediately after Lombardy with almost 2 million nights). The increase, in addition to hotels, was determined by the rooms for rent, the effect of Airbnb. Surprising is the other increase: +7% of arrivals from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

As far as foreigners are concerned, Germany, the first market for Isola, registered a 55% drop in arrivals; France 62%, Switzerland 49%, Holland 58%, the United Kingdom 60%, Austria 61%, Spain 86%. Even worse were two markets where there were greater restrictions on free movement: tourists from the United States fell by 82%, those from Russia by 92%.

The province of Sassari, which also includes facilities in Gallura, experienced a 34% drop in arrivals, but with a very high percentage of foreigners (-65%). The structures that have recorded the worst performances are those hotels: - 72% in June, - 39% in July, - 15% in August and - 34% in September.

The Region also provides another unpublished data, that of arrivals in the ports. In the port of Olbia Isola Bianca, between March and September, there was in collapse of 56% compared to the same period in 2019. September was the worst month (97 thousand passengers against 158 thousand). August was the best (349 thousand against 401 thousand).