The first Higher Technical Institute opens in Gallura

It will train experts of tourism and archaeological heritage.

Cipnes Gallura partner of the plan


The Gallura region now has the "HTS for Tourism and Cultural Activities of Sardinia", a professional post-diploma school that offers an alternative to university, highly qualified training to enter the world of work. There are 3 higher technical institutes in Sardinia (in Sassari, Macomer and Cagliari) and 93 in Italy. With the one in Olbia and Tempio - the courses will be held in the two cities and were made official two days ago by the Regional Councillor for Education, Andrea Biancareddu - therefore become four. There is time until December 21 to enroll and to do so will need to go on the site and navigate to the section "Training Courses".

There are about 10 thousand people enrolled in HTS in Italy, compared to one million in the Fachhochschulen (high level vocational schools) in Germany. Italy and Sardinia are thus working to catch up with the major European economies and offer companies the professions they are really looking for. According to data from the public HTS portal, 80% of HTS students in fact find work within a year; 50% of teachers come from companies; 30% of the duration of the courses is carried out in companies; 50% of the courses use Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Foundation that will hold the courses, called "HTS for Tourism and Cultural Activities Sardinia", co-financed by the European Social Fund and to which Cipnes Gallura has joined as a non-founding member, focuses the training on the area of "Innovative Technologies for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Tourism", as required by the public notice Sardinia Region and the national planning of the Ministry of Education.

50 students will be admitted: 25 of them will attend the lessons in Olbia, which is also the legal seat of the Foundation, and 25 in Tempio. The course of study will lead to a diploma of "Higher Technician for communication and marketing of tourism and cultural activities" and the certification of skills corresponds to the fifth level of the European Qualifications Framework - EQF. They are specialized professionals of which the economy of Gallura, very linked to tourism, needs to be always competitive in international markets.

The role of CIPNES within the Foundation will be strategic with respect to two operational aspects: on the one hand, thanks to the Insula program, it will be able to encourage and promote greater employability and mobility of new young people with the title of "Higher Technician" who, within the ETP (European Technology Platform) under construction in Cala Saccaia, will be able to experiment with preliminary training courses "on the job" in the planning, development and implementation of territorial marketing initiatives activated with the territorial districts partners (GAL, Unions of Municipalities, etc.. On the other hand, the Agency "Invest in Galllura" will be able to promote entrepreneurial paths by supporting those who intend to start up innovative start-ups in the field of "tourism-cultural heritage" capitalizing the training investment at the end of the academic course.