"The University of Olbia is an excellence to be exported".

Interview with the new Magnificent Rector , Gavino Mariotti: "We support Gallura, but I expect high quality proposals"

As soon as he was elected, the Magnificent Rector of the University of Sassari, Gavino Mariotti, took actions that characterize his ideas: he went to the territories and met with the institutions to understand what they need. Because his strategic objective is to be a manager at the service of the community. A radically innovative philosophy from which Olbia and Gallura will also benefit.We interviewed the Magnificent Rector to let him explain what he intends to do.

"I am listening to the stakeholders to ensure a strong relationship between the University and the territory, but above all to ensure the territory that our students acquire knowledge and skills that serve the economy - replied the Rector - . Our goal is to understand the needs of the world of work, and provide the necessary professionalism. At the same time, with my meetings I want to understand how the territory intends to deal with the university. I ask everyone to submit indications to the University so that it can organize its educational offer according to the needs of Sardinia".

The new rector makes it perfectly clear what it means to be a community. "We are not the university of the city of Sassari, but the University of Sassari, without administrative boundaries - he explained -. Our natural perimeter is Sardinia: we are strong in Sardinia but open to Italy and Europe. We take into account various needs, various territories. Nuoro city and the whole province, Alghero, Oristano, Olbia and Gallura. To the mayors and to the President of Sardinia Region we offer not only didactics and research but also the role of planners of the growth and development of Sardinia. Also for the Recovery Plan: we are in the field not for funding but to help design projects. I have met with the mayors of Alghero, Nuoro, Arzachena, Porto Torres and Olbia and I am trying to outline a common action with all of them. We are an institution attentive to reality. We have 10 departments, 10 great professionals. Two of them, Agriculture and Veterinary, are unique in Sardinia; Architecture is partly so. Our educational offer is rich in all fields".

A few days ago, the Rector was in Olbia to meet with Mayor Settimo Nizzi and UniOlbia Consortium President Aldo Carta. The assembly of UniOlbia, of which Cipnes is a founding member, was underway. Some news emerged. The offices at the Olbia Expo, which will be the administrative and institutional headquarters of UniOl ia, will be ready by February 2021. Classrooms at the former Sep in Olbia will be ready by January 2021. For the classrooms of the former Upim the work has been financed and will start soon. For Olbia, the University and Ersu also plan to build student housing.

"The University in Olbia is a great example of things done well - said the Rector -. My colleagues who have worked in Olbia have done a superb job at the national level. They have done a great job not only in terms of teaching but also in human terms. They have integrated themselves into the city, they have shared its needs, they have helped it. Disea has brought the Olbia degree course to be an organizational model to be exported. I am very pleased with this excellence, and if I use the word excellence I do so with full awareness and rigor. The work will continue with UniOlbia. We are always ready to seize all solicitations. With Mater Olbia we are committed to synchronize a common action for the health of citizens. We are preparing to support all the projects that Gallura will propose, but we expect high quality proposals".