Staff training , the public contributions are coming

730 million from the new competences Fund are available to the enterprisesù

The "New Skills Fund" is operational, the tool designed to support with public funds companies that want to train their staff and adapt their organizational models to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. Established with the Relaunch Decree, it has an endowment of 730 million and its management is entrusted to ANPAL. The Support for Companies and Territorial Development division of Cipnes is available to entrepreneurs to provide information and help on the technical aspects to submit the application.

The ANPAL has published the notice for the acknowledgement of financial contributions in favor of all private employers who have stipulated, for changed organizational and productive needs of the company or to encourage paths of relocation of workers, collective agreements for the remodeling of working hours for paths of development of the skills of workers by December 31, 2020, signed at the corporate or territorial level by associations of employers and workers comparatively more representative at the national level, or by their trade union representatives operating in the company.

The training courses can be provided by accredited bodies (private entities, universities, secondary education institutes of the second degree, adult education centers, higher technical institutes, research centers accredited by the Ministry of Education) or organized independently by the company that has applied for the contribution (if provided for by the trade union agreement).

The application for recognition of contribution, referring to the share of salary and hourly contribution up to a maximum of 250 hours per worker and must be sent electronically to ANPAL. The procedure for evaluating applications is done according to the chronological criterion, taking into account the completeness of the documentation. The ANPAL, following any positive assessment, communicates the approval of training courses and provides the contribution through the mechanism of the contribution relief operated by the Inps and covers the cost of staff related to hours of attendance of the development of skills established by collective agreements. The validated training courses must necessarily be carried out within 90 days of approval of the application.