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The CIPNES-Gallura institutionally pursues the economic-social development of the territory by carrying out the following activities:

a) the planning and organization of the industrial areas and districts, the design, construction and management of the related urbanization works, infrastructures, and system networks, as well as public spaces destined for collective activities;

b) the acquisition in the urban area of ​​the Consortium of areas, including through expropriation procedures, the sale, assignment and granting to investors of equipped and rustic areas for production facilities also in the commercial, hospitality and collective services sectors;

c) the creation and management of common systems for the supply of services of collective interest to the business system, especially in the environmental and energy sectors;

d) the design, construction and management of economic infrastructures to support the promotion and internationalization of local production, intermodal centres, deposits and free zones pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 75/98 as well as Z.E.S. ex artt. 4 and 5 of the D.L. 91/2017;

e) the construction and recovery of disused artisanal buildings and industrial buildings, the relegation of areas not used for new destinations for production purposes and for the implementation of reindustrialisation programs;

f) the repurchase of unused buildings, also using the procedures and facilities provided for in Article 63 of the Law of 23 December 1998, n. 448, when the projects for which the areas have been assigned cannot be implemented and / or safeguarded;

g) the preparation and provision of real services to businesses as well as those of a social nature, initiatives for guidance and professional and entrepreneurial training;

h) all other functions aimed at favouring the creation and exploitation of enterprises and economic-employment development.

The most developed and consolidated consortium production district is located in the Municipality of Olbia, in direct contact with the port basin and the urban residential system. It is located in an area of ​​the Gulf of Olbia of considerable landscape importance.

Situated about 10 minutes from the "Costa Smeralda" international airport of Olbia and about 5 minutes from the commercial and passenger port. It is well connected to the main communication routes that lead from Gallura to the rest of the island.

The total area of ​​the Olbia industrial consortium district is about 760 hectares.

There are 608 operational economic activities in place and approximately 5,800 employees are employed in the area.