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Year 2019

19.12.2019 - Presented the volume about Cipnes-Gallura: from its birth (1963) to its new challenges and its ability to renew itself

09.12.2019 - Presentation of the monographic volume "Il Cipnes-Gallura per lo sviluppo economico sostenibile della Sardegna nord orientale".

21.11.2019 - National Tree Day: 75 children celebrating to protect the environment and forest heritage

06.11.2019 - Excellencies of Sardinia: the 'Originum' project lands in Milis

10.10.2019 - Anuga 2019 (Cologne): boom in attendance and contacts for Insula

02.10.2019 - Sardinia Longevity Food and Insula in Anuga (Cologne 5/9 October), the most important food and beverage trade fair in the world.

06.09.2019 - Here is "Originum", the excellence of Sardinia

07.08.2019 -Composting plant: the completion of work adaptation is imminent

26.07.2019 - Landfill: contributions only from Olbia-Tempio. Cipnes "exports" waste to Villacidro, Ozieri, Campania, Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto.

25.07.2019 - Half a million at Cipnes for the treatment of slaughter rejects

19.07.2019 - Purchasing quality compost: here's how to also enjoy the benefits of the growth decree

29.06.2019 - INSULA lands in Porto Cervo: the greeting of the crowd. The Regional Councillor: "Well, we have to work things out."

27.06.2019 - INSULA in Porto Cervo: the mayor of Arzachena cuts the ribbon. Certain the presence of four regional councillors

12.06.2019 - Waste, the increase is 35,700 cubic meters.

06.06.2019 - Spiritu Santu: an "electronic nose" of the Cipnes to monitor odours

31.05.2019 - Goblins of Kines, away to the creative garden

28.05.2019 - Cipnes, fire-fighting campaign launched

19.04.2019 - The Regional Councillor for Tourism visiting the Cipnes. Chessa: "Valid projects, ready to collaborate".

18.04.2019 - Cypnes appeal to 16 municipalities: fire hazard, maximum attention to waste and rockets

21.03.2019 - The students of Tonara in Spiritu Santu: "Thanks Cipnes".

19.03.2019 - Students of Tonara visiting the consortium facilities of Spiritu Santu

16.03.2019 - The Cipnes launches the Insula 2019 network: new investments in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. Presence confirmed at Forte Village and on three ships

18.02.2019 - No hazardous waste: landfill sites

06.02.2019 - Insula in Milan with two regional councillorships: homage to food and quality of life in Sardinia

28.01.2019 - National Presentation of Sardinia Quality World: Insula in Milan on 31 and 1 February

23.01.2019 - Ring road, completion ok: 92 million ready, after a lengthy disagreement


Year 2018

29.11.2018 - Landfill: an area of 150 sq.m. out of 120,000 sq.m. seized. The Cipnes: one analysis out of four contested, without indicating the values

21.11.2018 - National Tree Day: 75 children celebrating to protect the environment and forest heritage

19.11.2018 - The Cypnes in defence of the trees: ceremony with the children of the Kines' elves

26.10.2018 - Insula in Paris: five days of success for Sardinian food

19.10.2018 - Insula lands in Paris: the network of Sardinian Ambassadors is born

02.10.2018 - Sardinia Quality World: in Porto Cervo comparison with producers and hoteliers. ENIT and two regional councilors were present

02.10.2018 - Renewable energy: ERG will invest 130 million euros in Sardinia

27.09.2018 - The Cypnes for renewable energies: conference on Monday 1 October

02.08.2018 - Fire caused by emergency rockets: Cipnes appeal for compliance with the Disposal Act

18.07.2018 - Insula lands at Forte Village

12.07.2018 - Cipnes: works in Spiritu Santu

14.06.2018 - Cipnes organizes the conference "Strategic development proposal, CIPNES production districts, Special Economic Zone Z.E.S.".

27.05.2018 - Il Cipnes: unfair water tariffs. Abbanoa has a debt of 8 million, it would do well to honor it

23.05.2018 - Goblins of Kines, the summer centre for children with DSA space is starting

17.05.2018 - Cycling and running track with photovoltaic system, final ok: 5 million available

14.05.2018 - McDonald's: ok of the services conference, we aim to open in July

11.05.2018 - Hydraulic risk mitigation : start of work on the Padredduri river

04.05.2018 - INSULA and Sardinian food at Cibus in Parma (7-10 May)

26.04.2018 - Waste, biodigester and biomethane strategic for the Cypnes: the public assembly on May 7

16.04.2018 - Another company from Sassari lands in Olbia in the Industrial Zone

29.03.2018 - New municipalities in the Cipnes: the Consortium's resolution is indispensable

13.02.2018 - The Cipnes delimits the areas and outlines the strategy of the Special Economic Zone (Zes) for Olbia, Buddusò and Monti.

01.02.2018 - McDonald's lands in Olbia before the summer: it buys an area from Cipnes

26.01.2018 - "The Goblins of Kines": open day Saturday, February 3rd

19.01.2018 - Hydrogeological risk, a new location for Ipia: the Cipnes gives up an area


Year 2017

11.12.2017 - Agreement on public consortium services: Cipnes will be refunded by the municipality.

05.12.2017 - The winter vegetable garden at "I Folletti di Kines".

13.11.2017 - The active role of Cipnes for the establishment of the Special Economic Zones

08.11.2017 - Boating enterprises, opportunities and services to the territory. Meeting with operators

23.10.2017- A "smart" electricity network for businesses

19.10.2017 - 'I Folletti di Kines', after-school for pupils with DSA

18.10.2017 - Cipnes: flood control work, unauthorised landfill discovered

21.09.2017- The Governor of Ivory Coast: "Come and invest with us"

18.09.2017 - Visit of the Governor of Ivory Coast to Olbia

05.07.2017- Spiritu Santu landfill: at the Cipnes 2.3 million of the Region

07.06.2017- Barcamper Ventures fund invests in a Sardinian startup discovered in the CIPNES Barcamper Challenge scouting