Entrepreneurs attestation and institutional subjects on the Consortium

 We publish the statements of some entrepreneurs involved in the consortium industrial area development of Olbia.

Cristina Uccula

Cristina Uccula has been managing F.lli Uccula Srl, a leading company in the distribution of food & berverage for hotels, restaurants and bars, since the end of the 90s as chairman of the board of directors.

"The Consortium should show more attention to companies and prepare tools that are stimulating and have capacity propulsion. It should first of all listen to us. The companies representative who sits on the Board of Directors of Cipnes should connect better and constantly involve the companies system, as well as know more about the reality of the industrial agglomeration. The Consortium of Olbia is one of the few in Sardinia. The companies are happy about this. We hope for a growing future and we will fight for it. We believe, however, that for this to happen we need to make Companies stronger whithin the Consortium and know them deeply and not learn the news about them from the newspaper". (CIPNES Magazine no. 23, December 2015) 

Piero Diana, President of the Port Company "Filippo Corridoni".

The Port Company "Filippo Corridoni" was founded in 1930 in response to the need to organize and rationalize the activities of the ports. The golden age of the economic boom, that is from the '70s until the beginning of the world crisis, represents the period of greatest growth for the Olbia Port Company.

"Today it is undeniable that the situation has become difficult, the prospects and the future are more uncertain. In general one lives day by day. To the base however we have the granitic certainty that also this conjunctural phase will find an end and that what we need are patience and trust.On the other hand, the port of Olbia is the calling card of Northern Sardinia. The interventions of the Consorzio Cipnes on the road network of the industrial area, on services, and projects such as, for example, the Multifunctional Centre at the service of the nautical industry, are important because they return this portion of the territory to the fruition of the community. This ability of the Consortium's administration to manage and accompany changes in the economic and social fabric is appreciable" ("CIPNES Cinquantanni" - book on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cipnes, 2014).

Battista Nieddu

Battista Nieddu, owner of the homonymous joint-stock company, is the king of Sardinia-Mainland transport. Nieddu Spa settled in an industrial area at the end of the Seventies.

"We grew up with the Consortium. How the industrial area has changed! A radical transformation, obviously for the better. Back then, the roads were a disaster, the traffic was chaotic, almost unregulated. Today the appearance is pleasant, the greenery gives decoration to the whole industrial area, the road system is good. But there's still so much to do. The ETP will certainly bring considerable advantages, the initiative is beautiful, suggestive, positive from an employment point of view". ("CIPNES Cinquantanni" - book on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cipnes, 2014)


AValsecchi as do mardolfo Valsecchi

Since February 2017 he has been Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the General Company Conserve-ASdoMAR, the second largest company in the Italian market among the producers of canned fish and the first company for the production of whole tuna. Today the company has 560 employees distributed between the administrative headquarters in Genoa and the production plants in Olbia and Vila do Conde (Portugal).


Francesco Pirro

Francesco Pirro is the owner together with his brother Andrea of SNO Yacht, a company that operates in the nautical sector and deals with all kinds of services for yachts ranging from 12 to 70 meters and sales of boats of the best Italian and international brands."SNO's very first shipyard was founded in Cala Saccaia in 1995. Today it produces boats up to 50/60 feet. "In recent years, the Industrial Consortium has done an excellent job for the nautical sector, and not only that: it is enough to see all the infrastructures that have been built - he says - I think that those who have made real estate investments in the industrial area of Olbia should be happy with the level of the structures, finishes and services that logically increase the value of the buildings located within the agglomeration. After so many years and so many words on the relaunch of the boating industry, after so many proposals without a concrete follow-up, finally with the Multifunctional Centre for the boating industry and the adjoining Research and Advanced Training Centre (PTE), I see an important and above all concrete project, able to really relaunch our sector. The most interesting thing is the possibility of bringing together people and skills of great value in a single structure, and above all the opportunity to have a high training centre that will be useful for the entire nautical supply chain". ("CIPNES Cinquantanni"- book on the fiftieth anniversary of the Cipnes, 2014)


Gianni Manconi

Gianni Manconi is the manager of the Cerasarda plant in Olbia, which in 2002 became part of the Serenissima Cir Industrie Ceramiche Group of Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia).

In Olbia, however, the production of Costa Smeralda ceramics continues. "The Olbia plant is very important for the company -he claims - and in order to make full use of its production capacity, ceramic products other than the Cerasarda brand but still belonging to the wide production range of our ceramic industrial group are produced there.Our company is located in the heart of the industrial area and moreover in a strategic position, close to the 131 bis, the road that crosses the island and goes from Golfo Aranci to Cagliari. This allows us to enjoy a very important location advantage. Furthermore, we try to make the most of the opportunities and services that the Industrial Consortium offers to the companies located on the island". ("CIPNES Cinquantanni" - book on the fiftieth anniversary of Cipnes, 2014)