IN ACCORDANCE WITH C.7, ART. 53, DPR 218/78, ART. 2, c.1, letter b) e) f) L.R. 10/08 AND ART. 63 L.448/98


Invitation to submit expressions of interest for the acquisition of land and real estate properties located in the industrial urban planning areas under the institutional competence of CIPNES pursuant to R.L. 10/08 (ART.3)


All potential investors are informed that the CIPNES-Gallura, a public body operating for the economic-productive development of the territory pursuant to art. 36 of Law 317/91 as well as art. 3 of Regional Law 10/2008, in pursuit of the purpose set out in paragraph 7 above, is inviting all potential investors to submit expressions of interest in acquisition of land and real estate properties located in the industrial development areas under institutional competence of CIPNES pursuant to Regional Law 10/08 (ART.3). Article 53 of Presidential Decree no. 218/78 as well as Law no. 448/98, Article 63 "Measures to promote industrial development", carries out permanently open and unconditional procedures or in compliance with the principles of equal treatment and impartiality, for the allocation of unused production properties included in its Regulatory Plan for industrial development (Article 51 et seq. Presidential Decree no. 218/78 and Article 2, c.1 lett.b), e) and f) L.R. 10/08), to be necessarily allocated on the basis of institutional planning to the establishment of production activities declared ex lege of public utility; these properties are located within the industrial urban planning areas organized, infrastructured and managed by CIPNES-Gallura according to the regulations of territorial use available in the "urban planning industrial areas" section of the CIPNES Institutional Web Site. The offer, assignment and sale of real estate at incentive conditions are carried out by CIPNES-Gallura on the basis of specific regulations, through specific conventional activities in favour of all potential interested economic operators who undertake to carry out production activities on such properties, at a price corresponding to the market trend value calmed by the CIPNES institutional initiative, determined by an independent appraiser with regard to plants and settlements that have been abandoned for more than three years, as well as on the basis of periodic financial rates set by CIPNES - Gallura, which takes into account the total costs incurred for the acquisition and urbanization of infrastructure and related maintenance management with regard to industrial land that is permanently unused or in any case without productive exploitation.

CIPNES-Gallura invites all economic operators, professionally qualified, and potentially interested in the acquisition of the properties and plants disposed of for more than three years not exhaustively indicated in the specific cadastral plans accessible online (section "Land registry plans"). "availability of lots" of the institutional website of CIPNES), i.e. of the land permanently unused in the industrial areas of Olbia- Monti and Buddusò, to submit a formal expression of interest in compliance with the procedural procedures and selective criteria and access to the allocation procedure, regulated by the measures published on the institutional website of CIPNES (section "availability of lots - administrative documentation"). The object of the expropriation acquisition activity by CIPNES-Gallura and therefore of recovery, offer and open and unconditional sale to all potential investors is mainly unused industrial land located in the industrial consortium agglomerations of the Municipalities of Olbia, Monti and Buddusò, including any accessions as well as the production plants that have been closed for over three years.

In the event of acquisition for the reuse of production facilities decommissioned for more than three years, the investors concerned must send a specific expression of interest, which must, in particular, contain an appropriate commitment to financially support the costs of transfer of the real estate compendium or the transfer value of the same as determined by a special appraisal ordered by the competent court, as well as the assumption of the related procedural costs, including those of any litigation that CIPNES-Gallura should incur as a result of the expropriation and / or reacquisition procedure referred to in the aforementioned article. 63 Law 448/98 and Article 53 of Presidential Decree 218/78 and Presidential Decree 10/08.

Investors whose settlement proposals for the purpose of economic-productive investment will be selected by CIPNES-Gallura in the performance of their institutional activity must guarantee the timely fulfillment of the financial charges for the acquisition of real estate as well as the conditional obligations for the (re)productive use of the properties assigned and sold subject to public utility restrictions, which can be transcribed in accordance with articles. 2645-ter and 2645-quarter of the Ciov Code; and this in accordance with national and regional legislation as well as the urban planning-territorial consortium regulations and the regulatory and conventional regulations generally established by CIPNES-Gallura, ensuring in any case the prior financial coverage of the amount paid for the acquisition of the same, including the costs of the related administrative procedure for their procurement.

Expressions of interest must be understood as binding for the economic operators proposing them but not binding for CIPNES-Gallura. This notice made public on a permanent basis does not therefore have the value of a contract proposal.

Expressions of interest accompanied by a Financial Business Plan as well as the outline project of the proposed business initiative, drawn up by professionals, must reach CIPNES-Gallura through PEC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on the basis of the appropriate forms accessible in the section "lot availability - administrative documentation".

This invitation does not constitute an offer to the public pursuant to art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code nor does it constitute a promise to the public pursuant to art. 1989 of the Italian Civil Code, nor does it imply any obligation or commitment to sell to any tenderer and, for the latter, any right to any service or reimbursement, including payment for mediation or consultancy


The general manager

Aldo Carta