How to set up a productive company?


diagramma di flusso per sito aggiornato 001Investors interested in setting up a production activity in the production agglomerations managed by CIPNES, must apply with the appropriate land application form.

Once the application has been accepted, CIPNES will pre-allocate a lot according to the requirements. In the event of an agreement, the user signs a specific preliminary deed of sale and at the same time undertakes, as provided for in the area allocation regulations, to submit the final design within 60 or 120 days, depending on whether the building is artisan or commercial.

 In this way the assignee company obtains the authorisation from Cipnes, which in turn will provide for the definitive transfer of the land assigned by a transfer deed conditioned to the exercise of the productive activity.

 It will be the responsibility of the assignee company to submit the SUAPE file to the dedicated counter of the municipality of Olbia in order to obtain the necessary permits to build or start the activity; the procedure specifically provides for the electronic submission of the file to SUAPE with the compilation of the DUA (Unique Authorization  Declaration) and the necessary forms, as regulated by R.L. 24/2016 and by the Regional Council Decision no. 11/14 of 28.02.2017.

 The type and size of the proposed productive investment determines the timing and procedural rules of the SUAPE procedure, which is, however, simplified and accelerated as a whole.

Scheme of procedural and conventional acts concerning the allocation of industrial areas:

1. Land request form
2. REGULATIONS Allocation of industrial areas
3. Scheme-Type Preliminary Act
4. Schema-Type Act of Obligation
5. Schema-Type Renew terms
6. Template-Type Sales Act
7. Schema-Type Concession of right to occupancy Road Relevancies