Logistical services


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Cipnes boasts a strategic position thanks to its proximity to the main hubs of passenger and freight traffic in the north-east of Sardinia - the ports and airport of Olbia - and the major roads that lead from Gallura to the main towns of the island (Sassari, Nuoro, Cagliari). It is equipped with an articulated road system inside the agglomeration and connecting with the industrial port of Olbia and the commercial port of Golfo Aranci and the Costa Smeralda airport.

The ASPO's public transport operates in the industrial area with the circular line 11 and line 4 connecting the agglomeration with the city centre. Ticket cost € 1,00

Companies that are part of the logistics universe in various ways represent around 7%. The industrial area of Olbia, in fact, has always represented a privileged location for transport companies. Currently there are about forty companies that are involved in various ways in the handling of goods and transport. A good part of these have a medium to small size but there are at least three companies that operate nationwide and that boast important numbers in investments and employees.