The attractiveness factors of the territorial offer

Special Economic Zone (Zes)

The CIPNES consortium industrial areas are subject to delimitation and inclusion in the Special Economic Zone (ZES), in order to obtain particular benefits of a fiscal and financial nature and administrative simplification for the consolidation, development and internationalization of existing production facilities and to encourage the creation of new industrial initiatives pursuant to Articles 4 and 5 of Decree Law 91/2017.


The industrial consortium area of Olbia is an area of great interest for the creation and enhancement of production initiatives and also because of the undoubted localisation advantages:

- the proximity to the port and airport, as well as to the main communication arteries within the island, encourages the presence of logistics operators and those who have relations with the national and international market.

- the proximity to an expanding city makes the area attractive for productive activities, and in particular for those related to services such as retail trade, leisure and personal care services and services related to the tourist economy.

- access to the sea is particularly important for shipyards and fish farming and the proximity to the Costa Smeralda and other international tourist destinations strengthens the localisation choices for the establishment of accommodation, craft and service provision activities.


The industrial consortium area of Olbia is fully equipped with primary urbanization:

- Road system inside the production district and connection with the Olbia industrial port and the commercial port of Golfo Aranci as well as with the Costa Smeralda airport.

- Network sub-services

- Consortium aqueduct for the supply of drinking water and water for industrial use

- Sewerage

- Industrial waste and liquid waste treatment plant

- Water purification plant for industrial and civil use

- LED street lighting

- Video surveillance

- Telematic networks

- Equipped green areas and spaces


Secondary and general urbanization:


PTE-Insula Sardinia Enterprise Multifunctional Centre for the provision of real services to enterprises and for the promotion of local productions.

    Chamber of Commerce offices

    Inland Revenue Offices

    Early childhood centre with nursery school, kindergarten and after-school services

    Banking institutions

    Sports facilities and recreational services

    Canteens and refreshment points

    Hotels and accommodation services

    Urban mobility service through the municipal company

    Connections with city beaches and tourist centres

 Energy infrastructure

Infrastructures and plants for the cogeneration of electricity and heat from Renewable Sources (photovoltaic - solar - biomethane - biomass) to be sold at competitive conditions for the needs of existing production facilities and new industrial initiatives are being designed and built.