The leading companies


Within the consortium industrial area of Olbia operate companies of primary importance for the provincial and regional economy.

The following list is based on the study "Leading enterprises in Sardinia - Economic-financial mapping of the regional enterprises production system", a publication of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia that proposes a ranking for turnover, added value and dynamism.


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Generale Conserve SpA: leading company in the high-end packaged tuna market with the ASDOMAR, Janus and Smeralda brands, and private labels for major retailers
Turnover: 170 millions of euros
Employees: 300
De Vizia Transfer spa: deals with the collection, including separate collection, of waste
Turnover: 100 millions of euros
Employees: 2000


Logistica Nieddu Srl:leading company in logistics
Turnover:  45 millions of euros
Employees:  250


 Nuova Logistica Lucianu srl: leading company in logistics
Turnover:  21 millions of euros
Employees:  200

Pincar srl: trade in motor vehicles of various brands.
Turnover:  10 millions of euros
Setzi Olbia srl: vendita all'ingrosso e al dettaglio di materiale elettrico, articoli per l'illuminazione, automatismi per cancelli e per impianti d'allarme.
Turnover:   9 millions of euros



(Source for economic data: