The territory and infrastructures



The municipality of Olbia occupies an area of 384 square kilometres. The settlement system of the city, distributed at the edge of the inner gulf, is made up of the city, the industrial consortium area that occupies the entire north side of the coastal arch and the airport area to the south.

From the city, the roads branch off, in a radial pattern, towards the main inhabited centres of Gallura and Sardinia (Sassari, Nuoro, Cagliari). The connections with the outside are mainly built by the S.S. 131 D.C.N., which connects the Gallura airport with Nuoro and through the connection with the S.S. 131, with the rest of the island's road system; from the S.S. 125, which crosses the entire eastern coastal strip; from the S.S. 199, which connects the airport with Sassari and then again with the S.S. 131.

Distances from Olbia to the main cities of Sardinia:

 Sassari 105 Km
 Nuoro 106 Km
 Oristano 174 Km
 Cagliari 266 Km
 Alghero 139 Km


Distances from Olbia to the main Sardinia touristic destinations:

 Costa Smeralda  34 Km  Porto Cervo  30 Km
 Santa Teresa di Gallura  64 Km  San Teodoro  35 Km
 Palau  44 Km  Budoni  39 Km
 Arzachena  30 Km  Orosei  86 Km
 Porto Rotondo  20 Km  Cala Gonone  110 Km
Arcipelago della Maddalena (Parco marino)  50 Km  Castelsardo  99 Km


                                                The existence of the port and international airport in Olbia, as a gateway to the Costa Smeralda and more generally to northern Sardinia, strengthen the competitiveness of the surrounding area.

aeroporto olbia

The "Costa Smeralda" airport is about 2 km from the city centre. The public urban transport service is guaranteed by the Municipal Agency “A.S.P.O.” The lines from the international airport to the centre of Olbia run approximately twenty minutes from Monday to Saturday until 8 p.m.; after 8 p.m. and on Sundays the bus runs 40 minutes.

The Olbia airport has one of the largest General Aviation Terminals in Europe which has had a constant growth in terms of passenger traffic in recent years.  The prestigious magazine Business Destinations in 2009 recognized as "best General Aviation operator in Europe" the General Aviation of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, and awarded it the "Business Destinations Award" for the high services standard.

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport represents the second most important airport in Sardinia in order of importance and traffic volumes.  It has developed thanks to the airline Meridiana S.p.A., which has an armament base in Olbia. The agreement that will allow the Qatar sovereign fund to take control of the carrier after an appropriate recapitalization is currently being defined.

GE.A.SAR, controlled by Meridiana S.p.A., directly manages all service and handling activities. Because of its strategic position and the considerable offer of connections, even low cost, to important and multiple international destinations, the international airport of Olbia has a potential user base that embraces the entire province of Sassari, as well as a large part of the province of Nuoro, capturing a higher share of demand than the airport of Alghero due to the greater offer of destinations available. Compared to Cagliari, however, traffic is strongly subject to seasonality, with a flow generated mainly by the strong tourist attraction of the area.


2017   +- 2017/2014
traffico passeggeri traffico passeggeri
Nazionali Internazionali  Aviazione Generale Totale Nazionali Internazionali  Aviazione Generale
1.439.692 1.345.508 23.143 2.808.343 20,70% 49,00% 10,24%



Main national destinations:

Rome: travel time 40 minutes

Milan: travel time 60 minutes


Main international destinations:

Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Zurich, New York.


The Olbia - G. Aranci port system consists consists on three slipways: - the commercial port of Olbia, where the major Ro-Ro cargo and passenger traffic of the entire Sardinian port system is registered;

 - the industrial port (Porto Cocciani) where the goods transported on bulkcarriers are handled but also used as a landing place for some Ro-Ro cargo ships;

 - the port of Golfo Aranci with docking of the traditional ferries.


Total passengers in transit in the port of Olbia:

2014 2017 +- 2017/2014
2.389.474 2.695.761 + 12,82%




Source: http://www.olbiagolfoaranci.it 

The Homogeneous Zone Olbia-Tempio in the Province of Sassari includes the historical region of Gallura, comprising the north-eastern coast of Sardinia and the Maddalena Archipelago.

Gallura, linked to the image of the Costa Smeralda known in Europe and the world as one of the major seaside tourism destinations, is also characterized by the existence of a specific and recognizable cultural identity within the same regional context in the typicality of food and wine, language, popular traditions and building typologies.

It has a good infrastructural endowment evaluated in relation to the territory and the population served.   

(Source:, Piano strategico della Provincia Olbia-Tempio)