Enviromental quality


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Sardinia is characterized by a real, simple and cooperative economy. With its structured productive vocation in tourism, agro-industry, crafts and advanced services, it has not neglected to cultivate the processes of traditional industry.

The island offers a development model that leads to the expansion of its consolidated levels of excellence, focusing on the technological tertiary, green and blue economy(*), life sciences and primary. The sequence of sectoral levels of the tertiary sector (from trade, tourism, logistics), industry in the strict sense (mining, manufacturing, energy production, etc.), construction and finally agriculture, make it clear which are the production chains in which you can enter or that you can enrich.

The coastal, environmental, cultural, artistic and enogastronomic heritage support the tourism industry, which also supports the development of precision craftsmanship (manual skills and creativity assisted by advanced technologies), now present and recognized in international markets.

The great tradition of quality in the primary sector supports the agro-industry. The creativity and industrious talent of the business world, combined with the strength of the productive specializations of human capital, support all sectors of traditional industry, thanks also to the ability to use raw materials. Logistics and advanced services, processes of respect for environmental sustainability and ICT, act as a glue to the entire production system which, in resisting the fluctuating economic trends in a proud manner, manages to enhance its territorial vocations. With a small margin of approximation, the fabric is composed of 168 thousand companies, of which 35 thousand in agriculture, 13 thousand in industry, 24 thousand in construction, 43 thousand in commerce, 41 thousand in services and an audience of 11 thousand in the unclassified. 8500 foreign companies, 40 thousand women's companies, 17 thousand young entrepreneurs, on a base of 600 thousand workers: the synoptic picture of the Sardinian production system expresses vitality, resistance and openness to new worlds.


(*) Green Economy: economy with environmental impact within sustainable limits. The Blue Economy represents a development of the green economy that aims to achieve zero CO2 emissions.

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