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PTE - European Technology Platform - INSULA - Sardinia Enterprise




CIPNES implements the P.T.E. (European Technological Platform)  through the Programme Agreement concluded with the Region of Sardinia, Municipality of Olbia and Province.We are talking about a Multifunctional Technological Pole, dedicated to the development of an articulated territorial marketing program for the promotion of the island identity production activities, with focus on the food and fish supply chains, artistic handicrafts creation, design and boating, together with the territories promotion.

The area designated to host the Platform has been identified within the consortium production district of Olbia, extending for about 100,000 square meters along the Olbia-Golfo Aranci coastline, in the part overlooking the gulf.

In an area of about 10,000 square meters, the ground floor of the multifunctional park will be used for the INSULA- Sardinia Enterprise territorial marketing platform as a permanent expo for the development of the agro-zootechnical, food, handicraft and design production chains and will be composed by taste workshops, theme showrooms, food and wine areas, arts and crafts hall and the events square.

The first floor will host the offices for internationalization, certification of integrated supply chain production, offices for the development of strategic and multimedia marketing to sustain the promotion and development actions of the territories production chains, an incubator and accelerator of enterprises for innovative start-ups and classrooms for training (Training Pole).

CIPNES-Gallura has joined the network of educational and training institutions called Olbi@inLab, which promotes the creation of an innovative pole spread throughout the territory of north-eastern Sardinia, with project proposals for territorial laboratories for employability to be implemented as part of the National Digital School Plan PNSD. The objective is to promote creative and digital youth entrepreneurship: the contextual presence of entrepreneurs, companies, professionals and students in the same space will be a favorable creative precondition to identify and experiment with models of entrepreneurial contamination, to support (maternage), to focus on the dynamics of spin-off and tutorship of companies towards new business ideas. The Multifunctional Centre P.T.E., in this sense, has been conceived as a strategic physical space suitable to create new business, consolidate it, assist it, support it to project it in the context of a globalized economy. The involvement of public and private partners, representatives from the world of training, education and research (such as the University of Sassari and the Olbi@inLab network of educational institutions) will contribute to this goal through instances, intuitions, ideas and contents to select the best startuppers to make them rapidly growing entrepreneurial initiatives.


For more information:

INSULA brochure


- Framework Programme Agreement (A.P.Q.) signed on 2 May 2011 for the financing and construction of the multifunctional P.T.E. centre. (May 2011

- Report of the CIPNES General Assembly no. 2 of 13.04.2016 - structural review and functional optimization of the original design of the P.T.E.

- Resolution of the Regional Council no. 38/6 of 28.06.2016 - Resources reprogramming of the Cohesion Action Plan and establishment of the Action "Strategic Projects of Regional Importance".

- Commitment of R.A.S. expenses for an amount of € 1,500,000.00 for the functional completion of the P.T.E. and delegation to the CIPNES body for the implementation of the related measures